Unlimited mounting options to fit your unique installation

The Ultrasonic Portable Solar wind meter can be used both as a handheld and/or as a stand-alone wind meter which makes it a versatile instrument of great value for a wide range of industries and applications.

You can carry it easily due to  its small size (70 mm diameter, 57 mm height) and weight of 135 grams. Here are some ideas for mounting your Ultrasonic Portable Solar on any GoPro accessory :

The GoPro Screw allows you to adapt your Ultrasonic Portable Solar wind meter to any GoPro accessory. This includes various mounting options for easy use and convenience no matter where you are or what you are doing. The GoPro screw fits in the bottom of our Ultrasonic Portable Solar and can be connected to any GoPro accessory with GoPro Folding Fingers and a pin which fits through the slot on the end of the screw. This allows the Ultrasonic Portable Solar to be switched to different GoPro accessories in a fast and easy manner. 





The adapter for the tripod gives you the option of attaching your Ultrasonic Portable Solar to a GoPro tripod for using in a wide variety of activities and locations. The adaptor head comes with a thread that fits the screw on the top of the tripod mount. The bottom of the adaptor can then be screwed into the thread of the bottom of the Ultrasonic Portable. This attaches the Ultrasonic Portable Solar to the GoPro tripod securely for your next adventure. 


Calypso Instruments offers a wide range of accessories to mount both, the Portable and Wired ultrasonic ranges. 

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