Track your wind information with Anemotracker App

Our free Anemotracker App , available for Android and  IOS devices and compatible with GARMIN watches, will provide you with a tracking of your wind data and exportation of the data via Excel or Google Earth.

On our latest video we will show you how to track and export your wind information with Anemotracker App.

1. Toggle "Enable Track". 

2. Long press on the "Red+ Icon" ( down the right hand side of the screen). 

3. Name your label and click on "Create and Init

Anemotracker will register your data. 

4. To finish tracking , toggle "Enable track" , and click "Yes".

5. To see data, toggle "Enable track" button again. Anemotracker will show all of your trackings. Long press on the track you want to see.

6. You can export the file to Excel or Google Earth. 

You can also choose between "Racing", "Daysail", "Cruising" or "Scientific" logging rate. 

Our free Anemotracker App is available for Android and IOS and compatible with Garmin Connect IQ

Check our latest video and follow these easy steps.


Free Anemotracker App