The only ballistics wind meter that gives you wind direction.

Wind speed and wind direction are two of the most important factors in long-range shooting. They can make all the difference between hitting your target and missing it by a mile.

Wind direction is a key. It affects the trajectory of your bullets—how they fly through the air before hitting their targets. If you're shooting at a target that's far away, then small changes in wind direction can make a big difference in whether or not you hit it.

The only ballistics wind meter that gives you wind direction. 

The Ultrasonic Portable Mini is the smallest ultrasonic wind meter that gives you wind speed and wind direction, allowing data logging via free app. 


The Ultrasonic Portable Mini wind meter  measures how fast and in what direction the air is moving around you, so that when combined with your laser rangefinder data, it'll give you an accurate prediction of how much effect any given wind speed will have on your shot.


It comes with the Free Anemotracker App.

Anemotracker is the free Calypso Instruments application available for iOS and Android that gives you wind speed & wind direction.

You can also see the information displayed on real time charts. 

Discover the Ultrasonic Portable Mini wind meter and win with the wind. 


Introducing the new Ultra-Low-PowerUltrasonic wind meter PRO (ULP PRO)