Mounting options for the Ultrasonic Portable Mini wind meter

With just 43 mm diameter , the Ultrasonic Portable Mini is a fully handheld anemometer and wind vane ; a unique portable solution that provides accurate both wind speed and direction on a compact design.  

Our free Anemotracker App , available for Android and IOS and compatible with Garmin Connect IQ  will allow you to get a variety of values from your bluetooth anemometer, and you can also save your wind meter data when tracking.

The Ultrasonic Portable Mini has a female thread (1/4") perfect to be mounted on any tripod. 

Here are a few creative ideas for helping you to discover how to mount your Ultrasonic Portable Mini on GoPro accessories. 

Please note a GoPro screw and GoPro Folding Fingers  have been used to fit in the bottom of our Ultrasonic Portable Mini. 

1. GoPro Handler


2.Screw-on handle


3. Swivel Clip


4. Tripod


5. Suction cup mount


Discover the Ultrasonic Portable Mini wind meter, ideal for the practise of sailing, aviation and the use of drones, long range shooting and other outdoors activities. 
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