Instructions for Calypso Shooting Wind Meter

Free Anemotracker App

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With Anemotracker App you can get wind speed and direction from your Ultrasonic Portable Mini and your Ultrasonic Portable Solar bluetooth wind meters. You can also save your wind meter data when tracking.

Anemotracker is available for IOS and Android, and compatible with Garmin Connect IQ

Instructions for Calypso Shooting Wind Meter

1. Charge your Calypso by placing it upside down on the enclosed wireless charging pad. It will be fully charged in approx. 4 hours. That charge will last approximately 150 hours of constant use.

2. Download the Calypso Instruments “Anemotracker” App from the Google Play or Apple store.

3. Open the App, Tap on ≡, select Scan, tap on your serial number. You can tap/hold on the serial number to make a custom name for your instrument to avoid confusion with other meters.

4. Select the Ballistics mode on the Change mode.

5. Select Scientific (1 sec) for the fastest response to wind changes.

6. In Privacy, select Location, Background Location, External API.

7. For the most accurate readings, place the instrument as high as possible with no obstructions.

8. Point the arrow on the top of your meter at your target.

9. View the wind velocity and directions on the app.


1 To change units (MPH, MPS, Knots) tap on compass.

2 To change other settings, press & hold to display other choices.

3 When your session is over, go to the menu, select Disconnect.

Third party compatible Apps

Strelok Pro, available for IOS and Android currently connects to your Calypso Instrument. To connect to the Strelok Pro App follow these instructions. You will see your sight adjustments change with the wind speed/direction. If you have connection or other issues, contact Strelok for assistance. 



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Troubleshooting: What to do if your device does not connect to the Ultrasonic Portable Solar.