How to charge your Ultrasonic Portable Mini

Thanks to its Bluetooth connection, the Ultrasonic Portable Mini can be recharged on a wireless charging QI,  connected via USB to the power. 

Follow these easy steps to charge your device :

1. The battery level of your device will appear in the main screen of Anemotracker App.

2. A mini red light on the charger will show it’s powered on . 

3. Turn your Ultrasonic Portable Mini upside down on the Wireless charger QI.

4. A blue light on the charger will show you that your device is charging. 

5. Charge your device for at least 3 hours ( approx).

6. Check battery level in the Anemotracker app. 

We recommend checking the battery level regularly to maintain the performance of the Ultrasonic Portable Mini.

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